McSweeneys Guide to Teenage Slang

Nach dem Smombie-Jugendwort-Fake vom Langenscheidt-Verlag passt das hier wie die Faust aufs Auge: Teenage Slang: An Essential Guide For Anxious Parents. Und überhaupt, weil man's nicht oft genug betonen kann: McSweeneys 💜

Two girls one cup: A beautiful ritual in which a pair of young women are tasked with constructing the most elaborate drinking receptacle possible in under 35 minutes.
Feels: Small balls of nose mucus, widely shared on the street as a form of currency.
IRL: “I’m Richard Linklater.” Teens say this regularly on online chat forums when they are pretending to be Richard Linklater.
#nofilter: Really cool. “I love Nickelback. You know the best thing about them? They’re so #nofilter.”
Can’t even: To be comfortable carrying out arithmetic with odd numbers but unable to do so while carrying heavy machinery.
OMG: Ohhhh, Marvin Gaye. An expression conveying the realization that the subject of the conversation, hitherto unclear, was Marvin Gaye.
Selfie: An enormous orgy fueled principally by the consumption of gigantic quantities of Class A drugs.