Jeff Buckleys „neues“ Album: You and I

13.11.2015 Misc Music #Album

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Im März 2016 erscheint ein neues Album des wohl wichtigsten Musikers der 90er, der nicht Kurt Cobain heisst, dafür aber ebenfalls viel zu früh gestorben ist. Und aus irgendeinem Grund empfinde ich bei Jeff Buckley nicht das Gefühl einer Grabplünderung, wie bei Kurt Cobains Montage of Heck. Warum auch immer.

Das Album besteht aus seiner ersten Aufnahme von Grace, den bislang unveröffentlichten Song Dream of You and I sowie 8 Cover-Versionen, unter anderem: Just Like A Woman von Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelins Night Flight und The Boy With The Thorn In His Side und I Know It's Over von den Smiths. Snip von NPR:

buckley"When I sing, my face changes shape. It feels like my skull changes shape ... the bones bend." What this statement indicates is Buckley's dedication to making songs bend — his understanding of music-making as an act that refashions texts and makes them legible to new ears. Buckley's music foregrounded process, and that process involved fully absorbing the songbook he'd carefully compiled, erotically melding with it, giving it not just new life but a whole new form, a new body. Buckley's most recognizable peers and inheritors, like Thom Yorke or Antony Hegarty, similarly take in and reconfigure musical sources in pursuit of new sounds that also mark time on music's long now.

This is one way to understand what 1990s music accomplished. It incorporated the past to create something that could be free of it. The task was more complicated than plain rebellion and more honest than the narcissistic pursuit of the new. In many ways, the 1990s was a bridge; but on that bridge, the best artists found a way to soar.

You and I will be out on Columbia/Legacy Recordings on March 16.