Charlie Hebdo Gargoyles

In La Rochelle haben sie Cabu und Georges Wolinski, zwei der ermordeten Zeichner von Charlie Hebdo, als Gargoyles verewigt. Die Steinköpfe prangen jetzt am Eingang des Hafens, als Mahnmal für die Redefreiheit. Je Suis Charlie. Always.

The project was managed by head of the entrance renovation project Philippe Villeneuve, who had already been commissioned to recreate two of the gargoyles, transforming a location known for depriving liberty, imprisoning then guillotining the Four Sergeants charged with conspiracy under the Restoration, into one that pay tribute to those artists – and by extension all threatened artists. And continuing a tradition of French gargoyles documenting events of the time.

La Parisien: La Rochelle : Cabu et Wolinski ont leur gargouille sur la tour de la Lanterne