Goth Dirt Noise Filter


Martin Howse baut Noise-Filter für Elektromucker und in seinem neuen Dings stört man Signale durch ein Modul voller Erde, CreateDigitalMusic spricht von „Goth Electronics“. Find’ ich gut:

closeupCall it Goth Electronics. Builder Martin Howse, based between London and Berlin, has in the past built weirdo noise synths with names like the Black Death and Dark Interpreter. Mater Tenebrarum—Our Lady of Darkness looks a little like a Doctor Who prop builder decided to get into DIY circuit making. Now, Martin wants to “infect and contaminate” the world of Eurorack. It’s not clear whether this is a product teaser or a threat.

Von (via Motherboard):

ERD/ERD puts a small block of forest earth into the Eurorack circuit, allowing control and audio signals to be distorted and amplified as they pass through the earth block. It can be viewed in conventional terms as an earth conditioned VCA (amplification factor by knob control or CV) and distortion. Local electrical and atmospheric signals can condition and distort the earth signal. Two jack connections are also included, optionally switching out the local earth block in favour of routing through local earth piles and forest sites. Discounts are available in return for earth samples (eg. Edgar Allen Poe earth from Baltimore, vampire earth from Transylvania or Whitby).