Inside a Cuban Digital-Pirate Market

Schöne Minidoku von Vox über „El Paquete Semanal“ („The Weekly Package“), einen Subscription-Service auf Kuba für raubmörderkopierte Files:

"El Paquete Semanal" (The Weekly Package) is a weekly trove of digital content—everything from American movies to PDFs of Spanish newspapers—that is gathered, organized and transferred by a human web of runners and dealers to the entire country. It is a prodigious and profitable operation. […]

There are two Paquete king pins in Havana: Dany and Ali. These two compete to develop the best collection of weekly digital content and in the fastest turnaround time possible for their subscribers. It’s a competitive market playing out in the shadows of a tightly controlled communist economy. Paquete subscribers pay between $1-$3 per week to receive the collection of media. It's either delivered to their home or transferred at a pick up station, usually in the back of a cell phone repair shop, a natural cover for this type of operation.

Gizmodo hatte vor rund einem halben Jahr schon einen Artikel über Underground-Märkte in Kuba: Cuba's Illegal Underground Internet Is Thriving. (Danke Philipp!)

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