Human Brain-2-Brain Telepathy-Game, check

Eine erste Kopplung zweier menschlicher Gehirne hatte man vor zwei Jahren erreicht und einen Menschen mit dem Finger eines anderen wackeln lassen. Ein Jahr später schickten sie erste binär codierte Worte per Brain-2-Brain-Interface und jetzt spielten sie sowas wie ein Frage-Antwort-Memory-Spiel per Telepathie: UW team links two human brains for question-and-answer experiment. Also: Giant Aufziehschlüssel attached to the back of a head.


Here’s how it works: The first participant, or “respondent,” wears a cap connected to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine that records electrical brain activity. The respondent is shown an object (for example, a dog) on a computer screen, and the second participant, or “inquirer,” sees a list of possible objects and associated questions. With the click of a mouse, the inquirer sends a question and the respondent answers “yes” or “no” by focusing on one of two flashing LED lights attached to the monitor, which flash at different frequencies.

A “no” or “yes” answer both send a signal to the inquirer via the Internet and activate a magnetic coil positioned behind the inquirer’s head. But only a “yes” answer generates a response intense enough to stimulate the visual cortex and cause the inquirer to see a flash of light known as a “phosphene.” The phosphene — which might look like a blob, waves or a thin line — is created through a brief disruption in the visual field and tells the inquirer the answer is yes. Through answers to these simple yes or no questions, the inquirer identifies the correct item.

Uni Washington: UW team links two human brains for question-and-answer experiment
Paper: Playing 20 Questions with the Mind: Collaborative Problem Solving by Humans Using a Brain-to-Brain Interface

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