Death To Bullshit

Neue Website und dazugehöriges Blog von Brad Frost: Death To Bullshit. Habe ich mir umgehend in den Feedreader gepackt, den Talk von ihm über Information Overload hatte ich damals in ’nem Linkdump gepostet.

Popups, jargon, junk mail, anti-patterns, sensationalism, begging for likes, tracking scripts, marketing spam, dark patterns, unskippable ads, clickbait, linkbait, listicles, seizure-inducing banners, captchas, QR codes, barely-visible unsubscribe buttons, 24-hour news networks, carousels, auto-playing audio, bloatware, sudden redirects to the App Store, telemarketing, ticked-by-default subscribe buttons, "your call is important to us", pageview-gaming galleries, native advertising, the list of bullshit goes on and on and on. This bullshit assaults our senses in a desperate attempt to capture our attention.

Hier noch ein FollowUp, in dem er auf die langfristigen Kosten von Bullshit eingeht. Peter von den Blogrebellen hatte im Januar mal bezüglich meiner relativ hohen DirectVisits – also Seitenbesuche, die weder von Social Media, noch von Google kommen – in seinen Comments gefragt: „[…] man sammelt sich treue Leser. Wie das geht könnte uns bestimmt René verraten […]“. So geht das: Respect your audience.

Products and services need to recognize that adopting bullshitty practices may very well lead to concrete, short-term, quantifiable increases in profit. But at what cost? […] How willing are you to piss off your users? We must understand people are enduring bullshit in every aspect of their lives. […] I have no doubt that creators who break the mold and give people experiences that respect them and their time will be rewarded in the long run.