(Back) Inside an african MP3-Market

chargeVor drei Jahren hatte ich über Chris Kirkleys großartigen Blogpost über einen afrikanischen Underground-MP3-Markt gebloggt, die NYTimes hat dazu nun ein Update und einen Fotografen haben sie auch mitgeschickt: A Music-Sharing Network for the Unconnected.

They are known as téléchargeurs, or downloaders, and they operate as an offline version of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora all rolled into one. They know what their regulars might like, from the latest Jay Z album to the obscurest songs of Malian music pioneers like Ali Farka Touré. Savvy musicians take their new material to Fankélé Diarra Street and press the téléchargeurs to give it a listen and recommend it to their customers. For a small fee — less than a dime a song — the téléchargeurs transfer playlists to memory cards or U.S.B. sticks, or directly onto cellphones. Customers share songs with their friends via short-range Bluetooth signals.