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02.06.2015 Misc #Linkdump

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„In the past year, Apple increased in value by more than the total value of General Electric.“

Dumbledore and Gandalf to marry in front of gay-hating church: „US equality group Planting Peace plans to hold a wedding between the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings characters in front of the anti-gay hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church, in Kansas this weekend.“

Fallout 4-Ankündigung morgen: Fallout 4 is real and it's being revealed tomorrow
: „Details on Fallout 4 - if it does indeed end up being called that - are thin on the ground. The most substantial leak to date suggested that it would be set in a post-apocalypse version of Boston and the surrounding area.“

3D-printed Youtuber Racing. Oh the humanity.

Selection of photos taken at the Berlin Festival & ART VILLAGE 2015

Submerged – Mapping a Future China and its Rising Seas

Geeks rejoice! GameStop to buy ThinkGeek, pays Hot Topic an undisclosed termination fee

A director on Game of Thrones' epic White Walker battle – The latest episode recapped with a special eye on its screencraft.


The ending face-off-at-a-distance between Jon Snow and Creepy Baldy Walker is totally earned -- not easy when you’re basically matching up a live actor shot-for-shot against a CG character and asking the audience to take their expressions as comparable in depth, and related to one another.

WonWon was another triumph. Earlier in the show they soft-pedaled with the giants, and occasionally ran around the backhand, as it were. Here, you had full-on interaction with the environment, realistic physics in the fights with the zombies, locked-off shots, moving shots, shots incorporating crowds, extras, the whole nine. Most importantly, you cared about the guy.

Learn to Play: A lack of Taste: „Taste isn’t the nutritional content of food or the recommended daily allowance; it’s not the amount of carbs needed to fuel endurance running or the quantity of protein that can be converted into muscle building through exercise; it’s not about filling your belly with calories or your brain with a satiated anti-boredom. It’s about what it fucking tastes like.“

Leaked Contract Shows SoundCloud’s Plans For Ad-Free Subscriptions And Paying Labels

Der Guardian hat den Stream des ersten Leftfield-Albums seit 1999: Leftfield - Alternative Light Source: Exclusive album stream.

botYou can run, but you can't hide: Robots Learn to Push Heavy Objects With Their Bodies, Just Like You: „Professors Masayuki Inaba and Kei Okada presented a paper on 'whole-body pushing manipulation with contact posture planning.' Or, shoving things.“

Today in Precrime: Schweizer Polizei warnt mit App vor Verbrechen, die noch gar nicht passiert sind

VR-Crime-Simulationen „tatsächlicher“ Einbrüche mit echten Gangstern: Inside the Mind of a Criminal: „Ex-burglars approached the task in a dramatically different way from the students. Burglars entered and exited the house at the rear, while students, unaware of the cover that the side and rear of the house afforded, entered at the exposed front. Burglars spent significantly more time in areas of the house with high-value items and navigated it much more systematically than the students did. They also showed greater discernment, by stealing fewer but more valuable items.“


Marble Tsunami:

This Marble Run "Marble Tsunami" has 4 tipping containers holding totally more than 11 000 marbles. In this video you'll see the 10 000 marbles AND the 1000 marbles container will tipping together causing more than 11 000 marbles rolling down the giant tracks. The sound is deafening, because of the noise, it will be equipped with noise damping housing and glass panels on the front.

How to turn a liberal hipster into a capitalist tyrant in one evening: „Our fascination with market forces blinds us to the fact that capitalism – as a state of being – is a set of conditions created and maintained by states. Today it is beset by strategic problems: debt- ridden, with sub-par growth and low productivity, it cannot unleash the true potential of the info-tech revolution because it cannot imagine what to do with the millions who would lose their jobs.“


The Rock ist im Gespräch für ein mögliches Big Trouble in little China-Remake: „Deadline has confirmed that Johnson is in talks to topline Fox’s remake of the 1986 John Carpenter romp Big Trouble In Little China. The project is in the very early stages and doesn’t have a script yet.“

BBC’s ‘Dickensian’ To Interweave Classic Characters; Stephen Rea & More Cast: „In a sort of super-literary-hero mash-up, filming has just begun on Dickensian, an ambitious 20-part BBC One period drama that brings together some of Charles Dickens’ most iconic characters.“

The Mexico – United States Border (East & West) are two accordion books (each 10 x 1000 inches) that examine the entire border through Google Maps satellite imagery“.

ananascokeAnanas voller Koks: Spanish police seize cocaine-stuffed pineapples

Silk Road successors: „Closing down the web’s biggest drug shop has simply cleared the way for competitors“

Marijuana church given tax-exempt status in Indiana: ‘Somebody at the IRS loves us’

Unconscious use of 'medical marijuana? ' Hunter-gatherer cannabis use linked to fewer internal parasites

Scythian gold vessels found with opium, cannabis residue

Hackers on Demand: „How Hackers for hire, from teenage 'Script Kiddies' to Members of sophisticated industrial Rings, provide 'Espionage as a Service'“

Spooks admit it in private: Snowden has made them rethink their methods: „The cold winds of transparency are blowing through the CIA, GCHQ and MI6 – and my intelligence comes first hand from an extraordinary meeting of spy chiefs“

„Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij has been released from prison today. Neij was the last person to serve a custodial sentence handed down after the Pirate Bay trial, marking the end of a controversial chapter in the site's turbulent history.“

Wenn Satire den Journalismus ersetzt - Kulturzeit 29.05.2015:

Millennials are losing their religion—and social media might explain why

Übernahme für 100-200 Mio. $: Microsoft baut mit Wunderlist eigene Produktivitätssuite aus

YouTube sees its future driven by small screens: ‘It’s all mobile, mobile, mobile’

Die Stadt, die all ihren Bewohnern ein Grundeinkommen schenkte

Rare white-faced fawn rejected by his mother: