Russia bans Memes

memesPolitischen Aktionismus gegen Memes kenne ich vor allem aus China, wo sich User schon seit Jahren immer neue Memes gegen Zensur-Maßnahmen ausdenken (Ai WeiWei, Sprachneuschöpfungen, Quietscheentchen, Ganja-Ära). In Russland haben sie jetzt jedenfalls Image-Makros mit Promis verboten, „when the image has nothing to do with the celebrity’s personality“.

Those laws now ban, per [Russia’s three-year-old media agency/Internet censor Roskomnadzors] announcement, memes that picture public figures in a way that “has no relation to [their] personality,” parody accounts and parody Web sites. If a public figure believes such a site or meme has been made about him, the announcement continues, he can report them to the Roskomnadzor, which — in addition to overseeing Russia’s Internet censorship program — can file claims in court. Web sites are essentially given the choice of blocking the offending content in Russia, or seeing their whole sites get blocked across the country.

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