Dude releases himself from Prison with Fake-Mail

Ein inhaftierter Betrüger hat sich mit einem eingeschmuggelten Handy selbst aus dem Gefängnis entlassen. Der hat nicht nur eine Mail mit Entlassungsanweisungen an den Knast geschickt, dazu hat er sich vorher noch eine Fake-Domain registriert:

[Wandsworth prisoner Neil Moore] had set up a fake web domain which closely resembled that of the court service's official address. He then emailed the prison's custody inbox with instructions for his release. […] Prosecutor Ian Paton said: "A lot of criminal ingenuity harbours in the mind of Mr Moore. The case is one of extraordinary criminal inventiveness, deviousness and creativity, all apparently the developed expertise of this defendant".

Von Domain Incite:

The domain, registered last March, was hmcts-gsi-gov.org.uk, a typo of the genuine hmcts.gsi.gov.uk. […] He populated the Whois with the name of his case’s investigating officer and the address for the Royal Courts of Justice.