Tatooine is an ISIS-Base now (UPDATE: No, it's not)

Vom Guardian: „This article was amended on Thursday 26 March to reflect that Star Wars was not filmed in Tataouine, but in desert locations in Tunisia. This article was further amended on 27 March. Tunisian tourist officials have denied there is any danger and say that the area is patrolled by 1,500 troops.“ Narf.

Hier die ursprüngliche Meldung:

tattooineDas tunesische Tataouine, in dem Lucas' damals die Szenen auf Tatooine drehte, ist seit kurzem ISIS-Favorite um über die Grenze nach Lybien zu reisen. Super. Erst gab's Meldungen, dass Mos Eisley und Anchorhead von Dünen verschüttet werden, zwei Jahre später kommen die Halsabschneider-Terroristen.

Tataouine, the town in Tunisia where George Lucas filmed parts of Star Wars, has become embroiled in the country’s unrest with Isis.

The town’s simple domed structures became iconic after they were used for Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine, and die-hard fans often make pilgrimages to them. But the town has become increasingly unsafe, as it is a waypoint for Isis fighters travelling to and from training bases in Libya, 60 miles to the east.

Guardian: Tataouine, Star Wars town in Tunisia, becomes Isis waypoint