„A short lived detective drama from 1972. Never caught on with the American public.“ Mit Andre the Giant und Jean Paul Sartre als Sidekicks. (via Boing Boing)

[update] Das Video stammt von Danny Thompson, selbst Dramaturg von unter anderem dem Stück namens The Complete Lost Works of Samuel Beckett as Found in a Dustbin in Paris in an Envelope (Partially Burned) Labeled: Never to Be Performed. Never. Ever. Ever! Or I’ll Sue! I’ll Sue From the Grave!!!. (Danke Leo!)

He repurposed Rosa Veim and Daniel Schmid’s footage of the moody genius wandering around 1969 Berlin into the opening credits of a nonexistent, 70s era Quinn Martin police procedural.

The title sequence hits all the right period notes, from the jazzy graphics to the presentation of its supporting cast: Andre the Giant, Jean Paul Sartre, and Jean “Huggy Bear” Cocteau. (Did you know that Beckett drove a young Andre the Giant to school in real life?)