DIY-Industrial Robot makes 3d-printed Spider-Thread



Ji Shi aus Shanghai hat einen Aufsatz für einen Industrieroboter konzipiert, mit dem er quasi vergrößerte Spinnenfäden ausdrucken konnte. Dann hat er das Teil wirklich gebaut:

In 6-Aixs 3D Printing project, the idea of biomimetic structure is realized by a delicate robotic-end effector. The core component is a petaloid turn-plate, which has 3 movable printing head attached alongside and 1 fixed printing head in the center. When the whole system is powered by a servo and start functioning, the rotation of turn-plate leads to the oscillating motion of 3 movable printing head, which in turn produce the spindle-knot-like motion trail.

The printing module is standardized 3D printing module based on thermo-plasticity of ABS material. The temperatures sensor and heater inside the module take precise control of the printing process. As a result, the 3D printing system, combined with the mechanical system, is capable of printing the biomimetic structure.

Behance: ROBOTIC EXTRUSION(6-Axis KUKA+ABS 3D Printing) (via Hackaday)