Lesbian Kiss-Protest-Selfie on a Plane featuring sleeping Anti-Gay-Lawmaker

Herrn Vitaly Milonov hatte ich schon ein paar mal im Blog, der Mann ist Putins Architekt für dessen Anti-Schwulen-Gesetzgebung in Russland. Jetzt haben zwei junge Damen festgestellt, dass der Bürokrat genau eine Reihe hinter ihnen während eines Flugs von Moskau nach St. Petersburg schlief und sie fingen selbstverständlich sofort an, Knutsch-Protest-Selfies mit Hintergrund-Homophobie in ihre Instagrams hochzuladen.

Two lesbian activists found themselves sitting in the row in front of Sen Vitaly Milonov, the architect of Russian’s anti-gay laws, on a flight from Moscow to St Petersburg. So the women took a selfie of themselves kissing to protest against his anti-gay policies, featuring the sleeping politician in the background. […]

After the incident, Kseniya Infinity uploaded more photos on to her VKontakte social media page, with a description of what took place on the plane. She added that Milonov covered his face with his tablet when he realised what was happening. The activist gave her explanation of the selfie on her VK Post, according to a translation by the news site Meduza: „Lots of people are asking me about my last post: did we really go and kiss in front of Milonov? Was it really Milonov? Maybe it was just somebody who looked like him? What was the flight like? and so on. Here are my answers: Yes it was really Milonov! As fate would have it, he was sitting in the row right behind us.“

Guardian: Russian lesbians stage selfie kiss plane protest

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