Doku-Trailer: Pixadores – Taggers over São Paulo


Spannender Trailer zur Streetart-Doku Pixadores (hier auf Facebook) von Amir Arsames Escandari über vier Sprayer in São Paulo, die mit riesigen Tags auf Hochhäusern gegen Polizeigewalt und Armut in Brasilien protestieren. Das im Film portraitierte Subgenre der Streetart nennt sich pixação (hence the Title), eine politisierte Ur-Form von Graffiti, die dem eher spielerischen und „physisch kleineren“ Tagging in den 70ern sehr ähnelt. Eine Mischform davon sieht man heute auf Hochhäusern in Berlin und der ganzen Welt, leider weitgehend entpolitisiert. Spannend!

pix1The black-and-white film portrays pixadores as rebels reacting against poverty and marginalization by engaging in artistic dissent, using paint to confront a society that’s mostly annoyed by their exploits. Scaling high-rises and surfing trains, they risk their lives to leave their marks up high. When the group is invited to the Berlin Biennale, they are forced to navigate troubling waters in an outside world that challenges their ideals of protest. The movie is the directorial debut of Iranian filmmaker Amir Arsames Escandari, who hopes it will foster understanding about a sidelined sector of society.

“It would be too easy to portray [the pixadores] as people alienated from society or only as criminals, as is the norm in the Brazilian media,” Escandari explains on the film’s website. “I saw much more in them. I saw brothers, fathers and sons, people who don’t consider themselves artists, yet who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for their paintings.”

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