Links: Twisted Cruise Ship, Neuroscience of Jumping Spiders, Kitsch of Death, the Sitcom-Code and the Toxoplasma Of Rage

30.12.2014 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier nochmal 'ne volle Packung zum Jahresende mit einem fanmade Critters-Kurzfilm, chinesischen Marken namens Biemlfdlkk, einem großartigen Essential-Mix von Caribou, verdrehten Luxuslinern und superfaszinierenden Schneeball-Zahlen.

Einen der Links will ich nochmal besonders hervorheben, wenn Ihr eins zwischen den Jahren lest, lasst es das hier sein: The Toxoplasma of Rage. Scott Alexander bringt da Katzenkack-Parasiten, Memetik und die unsagbar furchtbare 2014er-Outrage-Internetkultur in einem fulminanten Text unter einen Hut. Sehr lang und sehr gut! Das und noch viel mehr, nach dem Klick:

Power and Money


Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’ » The Spectator: We’re witnessing the victory of political correctness by stealth. As the annoying ‘PC gone mad!’ brigade banged on and on about extreme instances of PC — schools banning ‘Baa Baa, Black Sheep’, etc. — nobody seems to have noticed that the key tenets of PC, from the desire to destroy offensive lingo to the urge to re-educate apparently corrupted minds, have been swallowed whole by a new generation. This is a disaster, for it means our universities are becoming breeding grounds of dogmatism. As John Stuart Mill said, if we don’t allow our opinion to be ‘fully, frequently, and fearlessly discussed’, then that opinion will be ‘held as a dead dogma, not a living truth’.

biemldfsdssAdidos and Hotwind? In China, Brands Adopt Names to Project Foreign Flair - The golf apparel brand Biemlfdlkk, sold in over 450 Chinese stores, goes by Biyinlefen in Mandarin, using four characters that translate literally as “compare music rein fragrant.” While the name may be ambiguous by design, it can make creating a uniform brand identity difficult. A Biemlfdlkk saleswoman in the southern city of Guangzhou explained, “It’s a German name." An employee at another Biemlfdlkk shop had a different explanation: “It’s the name of a French designer.”

The world is not falling apart: The trend lines reveal an increasingly peaceful period in history.: Never mind the headlines. We’ve never lived in such peaceful times.



Three Brothers Are Real-Life Nightcrawlers Who Inspired Jake Gyllenhaal | Deadline: In Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler, videographer Lou Bloom—whose ambulance-chasing and crime-scene crashing nocturnal activities become ever more sociopathic—likes to tell people that if you’re seeing him, you’re having the worst day of your life. That’s probably true, given the lengths Bloom will go to get his shot. But neither is it so far from the truth for Los Angeles’ real cast of freelance camera crews, who prowl the streets after dark in search of the latest shocks to fill the morning news.

viral-click-time“Viral content” is so 2014 — or so we can only hope | PandoDaily: “viral content” is not some inevitable nightmarish future of media, but simply an isolated genre that’s a much weaker business than many think.

Did You Hear The One About North Korea? - Digg: A word of caution: this story catalogues an avalanche of North Korea rumors that are largely false, with the remaining being barely credible. If something is true, we'll flag it for you. Such is the reality of North Korea rumors.

Longreads Best of 2014: Here Are All of Our No. 1 Story Picks from This Year | Longreads Blog
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Art and Design


The Golden Age: James Bama ~ Doc Savage

UnMask on Vimeo: The UnMask is part of a series of experiments of fictional products that we (Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams ) started in Shanghai this last October in collaboration with Xinchejian (the Shanghai Hackerspace,

Kenneth Goldsmith: Ich will keine Leserschaft, sondern eine Denkerschaft: Als ich 1993 das erste Mal am Computer die damals noch primitiven Impulse des Internets vor mir hatte, habe ich realisiert, dass ich die ganzen Worte, die ganze Sprache, die über meinem Bildschirm strömt, einfach ausschneiden und in mein Textdokument einfügen kann. Genau in diesem Moment habe ich festgestellt, dass ich nie wieder ein Wort im traditionellen Sinne ,schreiben‘ muss, und von da an war das Schreiben nie wieder dasselbe für mich.

#LIVINGOFFTHEWALL - Mind Over Matter: Anton on Vimeo: Meeting the designer Anton Alvarez and his amazing invention the thread wrapping machine. What does physical graffiti look like? The passionate DIY inovator takes us on a journey into his mind.

Model Sheets (@modelsheets) | Twitter: Model Sheets aka Settei for Animation, Anime, Comics, Video Games, Toys…

Taiwan artist reimagines Noah's Ark as a distorted 8-meter shipwreck made of 6,000 3D printed pieces: Peng has spent the last four months on an ongoing project to 3D print a giant twisted and distorted modern rendition of the Biblical Ark of Noah.

The Golden Age: Roy G. Krenkel illustrating Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ The Ace Editions

The Golden Age: Frank Frazetta illustrating Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ The Ace Editions

skateboards with prayer rugs by mounir fatmi at miami UNTITLED art fair: dozens of prayer rugs used by muslims during the various positions of islamic prayer have been deconstructed by moroccan-born artist mounir fatmi.



Confessions of a Mortician — Matter — Medium: Caleb Wilde is a sixth-generation funeral director who wants to reacquaint us all with the uncomfortable, eye-opening realities of death. It’ll make us more human, he says. If it doesn’t kill him first.

The Toxoplasma Of Rage | Slate Star Codex: Following the ancient imperative of evolution, if memes spread by outrage they adapt to become as outrage-inducing as possible.

honeyThe Honey Hunters | Longreads Blog: In the course of some twenty years working in the forest, Zahangir has seen about nine tigers. Three years ago, in the middle of the honey season, one of them attacked and very nearly killed him; he has that scar on his left cheek and a set of four puncture wounds on his right shoulder, each the size of a particularly nasty cigarette burn, to show for it. It was around two p.m. on a hot May afternoon when, having just reentered the forest with two companions, he heard a roar behind him. His companions had already gone about fifteen feet ahead into the jungle and he was, for the moment, alone and practically defenseless. “When the tiger roared, I screamed, and the other two came running back, but the tiger jumped in front of me and knocked me over and grabbed me easily by my shoulder.”

Tis The Season For Shoplifting!: We talked to 11 law-abiding people about their secret stealing habit—what they took, how often, and why they really did it.

A Story With Zombies | Slate Star Codex: “A hippie zombie at Woodstock.” “Done.” “Strong female zombies.” “Done.” “Jewish zombies.” “Done.” “Black zombies.” “Done.” “A gay zombie struggling to fit into a homophobic zombie society.” “Come on, this is the 21st century. Done like ten times. One of them won the Booker.” “Gender-questioning zombies.” “Done.”


How to Be Intoxicated: Most of what’s oldest about us humans is still younger than drinking. From China to Iran to Turkey, the story is in the residue scraped from the insides of broken and buried clay vessels: Before we knew how to build a wheel or stitch a sail, and maybe even before we knew how to bake a loaf of bread, we knew how to make ourselves drunk. And on the earliest tablets of Greek writing, alongside all the other gods, there is Dionysus, god of wine: He seems to be as old as it gets, and with as much claim as any god in the pantheon to be a native.

Hilary Mantel on CS Lewis’s A Grief Observed | Books | The Guardian: “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.” With his first line, CS Lewis’s A Grief Observed reacquaints his reader with the physiology of mourning; he brings into each mouth the common taste of private and personal loss.


Caribou - Essential Mix - Oct 2014 by Caribou.

The Killer at Peace: Jerry Lee Lewis' Golden Years | Rolling Stone: In July, for what he says was the first time in his 60-year career, Jerry Lee Lewis took a vacation. "I had to ride a train," says Lewis in his thick Louisiana drawl, reclining in his favorite leather chair in his living room. "I was really looking forward to that."


The Kitsch of Death by Slate's The Gist on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds: If it bleed, it leads, but today on The Gist we discuss the bloodless. Our guest Caitlin Doughty is the author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From the Crematory and host of the popular series Ask a Mortician. Plus, Eric Fine from Van Eck Global shares insight into Brazil’s economy, plus pop-up commentary from NPR’s Adam Davidson. For the Spiel, explaining Serial to people who explain things (badly) to other people.

Der Ameisenstaat, ein Superorganismus: Ameisen kennt jeder: die Waldameisen dank ihrer großen Nesthügel und die Wiesenameisen, weil kaum ein Haus- oder Kleingartenrasen von ihren ausufernden Erdnestern verschont bleibt.

Synästhesie - Das "E" ist weiß, die "4" veilchenblau: Shakespeare, Rimbaud oder Morgenstern: Sie alle sollen Synästhetiker gewesen sein. Mit diesem etwas sperrigen Begriff bezeichnet die Wissenschaft Menschen, die beispielsweise Buchstaben oder Zahlen farbig sehen. Früher als krankhaft bezeichnet, gibt das Phänomen heute Aufschlüsse über unsere Wahrnehmungsweise.

Das Maß aller Dinge: Das Weltbild des Mittelalters ist theozentrisch, der Mensch nur ein Wurm im Weltgefüge. Mit der Renaissance wandelt sich das Weltbild hin zum Anthropozentrismus. Der Humanismus rückt in Anlehnung an die Antike den Mensch ins Zentrum, er wird das Maß aller Dinge.


Blue Christmas - An Original Video Essay on Vimeo: In this original video essay, Michael Koresky and Casey Moore investigate the longstanding tradition of bleak midwinters at the movies (A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life are as sad and scary as they are, ultimately, elating), and we take a closer look at three of our favorite, if lesser-known, ones: Mon oncle Antoine, My Night at Maud's, and A Christmas Tale.

We Went There: On the Ground at the Big, Sad, Strange Burt Reynolds Memorabilia Auction in Las Vegas «: “This is history,” said auctioneer Daniel Kruse in a deep and calming voice. “The thing about life is that we pass through history, but today you have the chance to be part of history.” History, on this cloudy Friday morning in December, tucked away in a private dining room in the Palms casino in Las Vegas, was the second day of the matter-of-factly named “Property From the Life and Career of Burt Reynolds,” the great sell-off of the legendary actor’s treasure trove of memories.

How To Make A Marvel Movie Omnibus - Phase 1 - YouTube

Cracking the Sitcom Code - The Atlantic: From The Simpsons to Seinfeld, from Everybody Loves Raymond to Everybody Hates Chris, from Taxi to Arrested Development to Parks & Recreation, there is a highly-specific, minute-by-minute recipe used to write the vast majority of sitcoms out there. And once you know the formula, it makes it much easier to write them, and much harder to watch them without seeing that formula—the “sitcom code”—everywhere you look.



Caspar Henderson - jumping spiders and human memory: The ways in which jumping spiders see and map the world help to illuminate the mystery of human memory

The Dream Catcher — The Matter Archive — Medium: Why does the researcher who pioneered the study of lucid dreaming face a future in academic exile?

Waking Up Is Hard to Do — Matter — Medium: Mark Twain once wrote, “I have tried getting up early, and I have tried getting up late—and the latter agrees with me best.” I’m with you, Mark. I abhor waking up. Every morning, I silence the first of my iPhone’s three alarms (set for 5:30, 5:45, and 6 a.m., thanks to the fact that I work East Coast hours from the West Coast), bend myself reluctantly out of bed, pick crud out of my eyes, and try to convince myself that today is going to be the day I become a morning person. It never works, though—in part, I suspect, because I’ve never learned the proper methods.

Fossils Suggest Color Vision Is 300 Million Years Old : Discovery News: Fossilized rod and cone cells — the kinds that help people see — have been discovered for the first time, researchers say. The finding reveals that such eye cells have existed for at least 300 million years, and that the ancient fish they were discovered in likely saw in color, according to the study's scientists.

91180d1fa5,200 Days in Space - The Atlantic: An exploration of life aboard the International Space Station, and the surprising reasons the mission is still worthwhile

Buzz Aldrin: The Dark Side of the Moon: No matter what your age, gender, politics, nationality, social or financial standing, every single person inhabiting the planet Earth has the same reaction to him. Holy crap, Buzz Aldrin, you went to the moon! You smile at him, your face opening the way every single face in the entire world opens when it encounters him. Because he is: Buzz Aldrin. And we are: mankind. He takes note of your smile, and just as quickly looks past you. It's the same way with everybody. It's your pregnant anticipation: I can't wait to hear the amazing synthesis of moon wisdom you are about to bestow upon me. He has no idea what to do with that. None.

Snowball Numbers – Futility Closet: What’s unusual about the number 313,340,350,000,000,000,499? Its English name, THREE HUNDRED THIRTEEN QUINTILLION THREE HUNDRED FORTY QUADRILLION THREE HUNDRED FIFTY TRILLION FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-NINE, contains these letter counts:


For Thieves, Legos are Like Uncut Diamonds: Untraceable & Invaluable: Gloria Haas stole enough Legos last week to build her own plastic prison cell, according to authorities in Nassau County, New York. The 53-year-old was arraigned Friday on grand larceny charges after she allegedly snatched 800 sets of the iconic toys from a collector in Long Island and tried to unload the haul—valued at $59,000—on eBay.

bot resources | botpad

A Primer on Bézier Curves: Bézier curves are a form of "parametric" function. Mathematically speaking, parametric functions are cheats: a "function" is actually a well defined term representing a mapping from any number of inputs to a single output. Numbers go in, a single number comes out.

The future of the book | The Economist: Many are worried about what [e-book] technology means for books, with big bookshops closing, new devices spreading, novice authors flooding the market and an online behemoth known as Amazon growing ever more powerful. Their anxieties cannot simply be written off as predictable technophobia. The digital transition may well change the way books are written, sold and read more than any development in their history, and that will not be to everyone's advantage. Veterans and revolutionaries alike may go bust; Gutenberg died almost penniless, having lost control of his press to Fust and other creditors. But to see technology purely as a threat to books risks missing a key point. Books are not just "tree flakes encased in dead cow", as a scholar once wryly put it. They are a technology in their own right, one developed and used for the refinement and advancement of thought. And this technology is a powerful, long-lived and adaptable one.

In 2015, we’ll need different words to talk about the future - Quartz: “Algorithm” is currently the hot term among tech folk and in the mainstream press alike, used to refer to any black box, computerized formula that makes a decision, whether it’s used to sell you socks instead of panty hose, or to deny you the ability to board a flight. The term is now showing up on major newspapers, above the fold, but few people on the street can tell you what an algorithm is. But, man, are they responsible for a lot of critical decisions.



Eight Illustrators Turn Their Favorite Childhood Video Games Into Works of Art — Matter — Medium: We asked eight artists to illustrate the video-game obsessions of their childhoods—from The Legend of Zelda to Minesweeper to Final Fantasy.

winningWinning Isn’t Everything — Matter — Medium: For years now, I have been arguing that games have a unique power to explain complexity. Unlike television and blogs and TED talks and even many long-form books and articles these days, games are the one popular medium that embraces complexity rather than shying away from it. Games endorse and even require systems thinking, the process of understanding the world as a complex network of interconnected parts.

Quagmire: The Making of a 1980's D&D Module — Medium


Critters: Bounty Hunter - Fan Film (HD) - YouTube

Fractalicious on Vimeo

We Were Not Made For This World on Vimeo: A robot searches for his creator in the desert lands outside his city.