Bioluminescent Forest thru Projection Mapping

Bioluminescent Forest von Friedrich van Schoor (vorher: Giant Spider Projection), 3D-Artist Tarek Mawad, Soundtrack von Achim Treu, die sich sechs Wochen lang im Wald rumgetrieben haben und dort Biolumineszenz mit Projection Mapping nachgebaut haben. Unbedingt in FullScreen und HD ansehen, sonst bringt das nix.

The projection mapping "bioluminescent forest" is made by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad. The artists spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon "bioluminescence". They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms that speaks volumes to any visitor that enters the minds of the artists through viewing "bioluminescent forest".

Bioluminescent Forest (via Creators Project)