Robot rides a Plane

Gestern ist der erste Roboter mit einem Flugzeug geflogen, und zwar nicht als Gepäck, sondern als Passagier mit Ticket und robot-gerechter Anti-Terrorismusbefummlung durch die Flugsicherheitsfuzzis:

A humanoid robot with a head, hands and feet and wearing stylish red sneakers boarded a flight for Germany at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, becoming what was billed as the first robot traveling as a paid passenger on an airline.

She got an economy ticket but still enjoyed special treatment, including a cut to the front of the ticket line in the first-class lane. And while Athena did not have to go through the regular metal detector, the Transportation Security Administration had a special electronic pat-down awaiting, said airport spokeswoman Nancy Suey Castles. “TSA didn’t want us to say what it was,” she said.

Reuters: Robot flies to Germany as airline passenger from Los Angeles