The Pop-Up Art Book

Poposition Press machen Pop-Up-Bücher aus den Arbeiten von Comiczeichnern und Illustratoren. Im Moment finanzieren sie bereits ihr zweites über Kickstarter, das erste Pop Up Funk-Buch mit Zeichnungen von niemand geringeres als Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl, Spiderman, Heavy Metal, Community) kann man hier bestellen. Awesome!

Cover-FrontImagine the work of Angry Woebots, Jim Mahfood, Junko Mizuno, kozyndan, Skinner, and Tara McPherson popping up from the page in magnificent detail before your eyes? That’s the experience you get when you crack open The Pop Up Art Book, the newest release from Poposition Press. This colorful, intricately crafted book features multi-dimensional spreads from internationally renowned artists who are each recognized for their unique work.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have loved pop-up books about monsters and dinosaurs. It’s crazy what they have done with our art in this bad boy book! It’s a thrill to see it finished. I get that feeling of anticipation as I am about to turn each page,” says Skinner, one of the book’s featured artists.

“We selected some of the most creative artists working today,” says Poposition Press Founder Rosston Meyer. “The work spans fine art, street art, comic book, and illustration genres. Being able to deconstruct and then reconstruct the art into something new was exciting. It has been such an innovative and collaborative project— and I think that energy shines right through. It’s a kick to watch people open the book. They literally marvel at the work and spend time with each spread to appreciate all the detail.”

The Pop Up Art Book (via Notcot)
Pop Up Funk Pop Up Book