Custom Alien-Actionfigures


Dayton Allen macht Custom Toys und seine Alien 1979-Figuren gehören mit zu den besten Custom Toys, die ich bislang gesehen habe. Der hat sogar eine Jonesy-Figur am Start! Von The Verge:

"Alien is an art film," he says of his fascination with the sci-fi horror classic. "Its origins come from artists and designers that shaped what we consider modern science fiction today."

Unlike the first Star Wars, which had a wealth of action figures featuring virtually every character in the film, the first Alien never had a proper toy line of its own. Though one was planned back in 1979 and prototypes were built, Kenner ultimately cancelled the idea before the toys went to manufacturing. […] For Allen, this made Alien an ideal project to tackle: not only was it his favorite sci-fi movie, but he'd also be helping to fill in a gap. "One of things I most enjoy about the hobby is creating figures and environments which the current toy industry would never consider producing," he explains.

Flickr: ALIEN 1979 (via The Verge)