Happy 20th, Playstation!

Die Playstation wird heute 20 Jahre alt! Happy Gaming, PS! Dazu gibt's natürlich eine 20th Anniversary Edition der PS4 und einen schönen Text im Guardian von Keith Stuart und Steve Boxer über das frühe Marketing der Playse und wie sich Sony über Club-Kultur und die 90s-Rave-Scene Marktanteile erschlichen gesichert hatte. Und: Heute ist der Tag, an dem Millionen von Twenty-Somethings schlagartig bewusst wird: „Scheiße, ich werd' alt.“ Was mich als ollen Ü40-Atari2600-Fuzzi dann doch etwas amüsiert.

By 1997, there were 52 clubs in the UK alone with dedicated PlayStation rooms. Sony’s other regional offices caught on, and the company was soon sponsoring extreme-sports events and music festivals around the world, including Big Love, Tribal Gathering and later, Lollapalooza.

Famously, the company produced a cardboard flyer for the 1996 Glastonbury festival featuring a PlayStation logo and the words “More powerful than God”. The card was serrated into small sections, ‘coincidentally’ perfect to provide filters – or “roaches” – for joints. It was the phrase that ended up causing more controversy, however.

“It was put on big posters and attached to railings all around Glastonbury town centre,” says Glendenning. “That resulted in a threatened fatwa against Sony hardware.”

Guardian: Level up: how PlayStation infiltrated youth culture