Stupid Projects From The Stupid Hackathon

Letzte Woche fand in San Francisco der Stupid Hackathon statt und die Projekte dort sind voller Gold. Von Kim Kardashian On A Newton über Essens-Bissen-Tweetbots bis zu einem menschlichen Telepresence-Robot ist alles dabei.

This weekend, Amelia Winger-Bearskin and I organized our second Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon, a hackathon that asks participants to produce project that have no value whatsoever (PATENT PENDING). It was a resounding and unqualified success. Here is a small sample of the 100,000+ projects that people made over the course of the day.

Mein Favorites sind wohl der Intellectual Babes Calendar mit hübschgeshoppten Superdenkern und Profanity65: „profanity.json includes a list of swears which map to valid PGP characters, a-z, A-Z, 0-9, +, /, and =“.

Using OpenPGP.js, messages are encrypted or signed using the same globally-trusted GPG client. Then Profanity65 replaces the message's characters with a much more profane system:

Version: Profanity65 VERSION

dipshit damn dipshit fuck dumbass motherfucking fuck git dumbass dumbfuck dumbass fucker dumbass crap nsa-hugging cunt shit crap dipshit goddamn fuck fuck damn bullshit shit pissant damn horseshit ass cock fanny poppycock dumbass dumbass fanny cunt cuntpunter bitch motherfucker whore motherfucker damn bitch skank turd fuck dongle shitter nsa-hugging darn asshole asshole hellish twat anal nsa-hugging fucking bollocks turd whore […]


Stupid Projects From The Stupid Hackathon (via Waxy)