Robert Crumbs complete ZAP Comix is here!


Im Frühjahr hatten Fantagraphics (endlich) die Komplettausgabe der legendären ZAP Comix von Robert Crumb angekündigt, jetzt kann man das Teil vorbestellen und auf Flickr gibt's 'ne ausgiebige Vorschau. Die Erstausgabe ist mir mit 750$ drei ganze Ecken zu teuer, die kommt dafür aber auch mit signierten Prints.

The Complete Zap Comix collects every issue of Zap — every cover and every story, and even the Zam mini comic jam among the Zap artists — in a multi-volume, slipcased hardcover set. It will also include the 17th unpublished issue with work by Crumb, Moscoco, Wilson, Rodriguez, Shelton, Mavrides, and Williams. Plus, an introduction by founder R. Crumb and an oral history of Zap by Patrick Rosenkranz, and other exclusive bonus features and items TBA. Zap is the most historically and aesthetically important comics series ever published.

This Special Signed Edition includes everything in the regular edition, but also contains a portfolio of five gyclée prints, scanned from original pages of Zap art by Robert Crumb, Paul Mavrides, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams, and S. Clay Wilson, each signed by the artist. Limited to 250 copies.

The Complete Zap Comix: Special Signed Edition [Pre-Order] (Danke Max!)

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