Science of the Hipster Effect

hipstrEin Neurowissenschaftler hat ein mathematisches Modell entworfen, um herauszufinden, warum nonkonformistische Hipster alle den gleichen albernen Scheiß anziehen:

“The hipster effect is this non-concerted emergent collective phenomenon of looking alike trying to look different.”

To answer the question, Touboul, as he does in his neuroscience research, built a mathematical model—a network of hipsters instead of brain cells. The “hipsters” in his model were programmed to always choose the opposite of what the majority were doing—they weren’t nonconformist, they were anticonformist. If the mainstream was drinking Bud Light, they turned to craft beers. Once the mainstream started drinking craft beer, they picked up Pabst Blue Ribbon, with or without an irony chaser.

Bloomberg: Math Proves It: Hipsters All Look the Same (Danke Sascha, Bild via Shutterstock)
Paper (PDF): The hipster effect: When anticonformists all look the same