Average is Boring: How Similarity kills a Meme

memeNette Studie über die Erfolgskriterien von Memes. Leider sind die Erkenntnisse nicht sehr überraschend: Memes sind umso erfolgreicher, desto unähnlicher sie anderen Memes sind. Überraschung! Kartoffelsalat, anyone?

A meme has been defined as a cultural unit, an atomic cultural product that is used to build larger and more complex cultural organisms. With the evolution of information and communication technology, millions of memes are produced every day. Yet, only a handful reach a broad audience. The resource memes need is human attention, but this resource does not have an infinite supply. Memes have to compete with each other for it. Many works have investigated the dynamics of meme competition. Our thesis is that uniqueness is an important factor for success. We show that memes at the periphery of the meme similarity space are more likely to go viral.

Nature.com: Average is Boring: How Similarity Kills a Meme's Success (via Hacker News)

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