Quantum-Internet by Container Ship

Simon Devitt von der Uni Tokyo hat ausgerechnet, wie schnell ein globales und supersicheres Quanten-Internet so wäre. Selbst wenn es heute bereits Harddrives für Quanten-Bits gäbe, so müsste man sie in supergekühlten Containerschiffen um die Welt schicken, wobei ein Container circa 125 Quanten-Byte transportieren könnte, was bei 'nem großen Schiff mit 10k Containern rund 1,25 Quanten-Megabyte pro Schiffsladung in 20 Tagen bedeuten würde, oder auch 10 Quanten-Bytes pro Sekunde. Eat this, Highspeed Gigabit-Internet!

The technology required to store quantum bits doesn't exist yet either, but groups around the world are working on a variety of quantum hard drives. The team looked at this research and calculated that for diamond-based drives, a single shipping container could hold the equivalent of 125 bytes of quantum data, while for silicon-based drives the same space would hold nearly 200 terabytes. For comparison, a fully loaded Blu-ray disc is 50 gigabytes, or 0.05 terabytes. Most of the container space would actually be taken up with cooling and power to keep the drives functioning.

Large ships can carry 10,000 containers, so the team calculate that a fully loaded vessel on a 20-day voyage between Japan and the US would have a transfer rate equivalent to between 10 bytes per second and 1 terabyte per second, depending on the memory technology used.

New Scientist: Quantum internet could cross seas by container ship