Coding Languages Fat Finger Tolerance-Chart


Vor zwei Jahren haben Diomidis Spinellis, Vassilios Karakoidas und Panos Louridas von der Wirtschafts-Uni in Athen untersucht, welche Programmiersprachen besonders tolerant gegenüber Typos, Tippfehlern und random Zeichen sind.

In practice, the errors that we artificially introduced into the source code can crop up in a number of ways. Mistyping-the ‘fat fingers’ syndrome-is one plausible source. Other scenarios include absent-mindedness, automated refactorings, gone awry (especially in languages where such tasks cannot be reliably implemented), unintended consequences from complex editor commands or search-and-replace operations, and even the odd cat walking over the keyboard.

Comparative Language Fuzz Testing: Programming Languages vs. Fat Fingers (via Improbable Research)