Star Wars: Empire Uncut is here!


Grade im offiziellen Star Wars-YT-Channel gelandet: Der komplette zweite Teil von Star Wars Uncut, der Fan-Remix-Aktion von Casey Pugh, der 2010 dafür einen Emmy gewann. Den Trailer hatte ich vor anderthalb Jahren hier gepostet, ob Daniels und meine Szene da drin sind, weiß ich nicht [update: Nope, ist nicht drin. Die Stelle kommt bei Stunde 1:52. Hmpf.] – dafür weiß ich aber ganz genau, was ich mir heute abend anschaue.

With more than 480 fan-made segments culled from over 1,500 submissions, The Empire Strikes Back Uncut (also known as ESB Uncut) features a stunning mash-up of styles and filmmaking techniques, including live action, animation, and stop-motion. The project launched in 2013, with fans claiming 15-second scenes to reimagine as they saw fit – resulting in sequences created with everything from action figures to cardboard props to stunning visual effects. Helmed by Casey Pugh, who oversaw 2010’s Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut, the new film has a wonderful homemade charm, stands as an affectionate tribute to The Empire Strikes Back, and is a testament to the talent, imagination, and dedication of Star Wars fans.

Star Wars: Empire Uncut (via Boing Boing)

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