Lamp made from amputated Leg

Leo Bonten aus Holland hat sich sein amputiertes Bein in eine Lampe einlegen lassen. Vorher musste er sich mit den Ärzten wegen irgendwelcher Körperteil-Gesetze herumschlagen, aber letztenendes hat er dann mit Hilfe eines Forensikers und eines Designers doch seine Bein-Lampe bekommen. Der Artikel dazu ist auf holländisch, hier die Robot-Übersetzung von Google:

Who is the owner of an amputated limb? That is legally a gray area. An amputated body part is officially "specific hospital" and is taken to a processing plant. Any other use than throw falls under the Law on Medical Treatment Agreement. It says that human tissue for research should be there if the patient does not object used, but also implies that if the patient consents almost anything may happen to the body.

Leo filed a request at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam to get after the surgery. Leg back They were not immediately convinced of the plan. There were practical objections. If you want to keep body parts they should be fixed in the highly toxic and carcinogen formaldehyde. "But they have no leg to stand on," said Leo, who never miss an opportunity late to make a word. Joke about his situation "It's not that I would be waiting with a plastic bag after treatment. And you still just going on the way back home along the coffee shop, a blowtje takes and forget the leg by accident. So it goes, as stated in a nomadic existence leg in the IJssel . " […]

"Even though it is not soon to my body, it's my leg, my possession."

NRCReader: I wanted a floor lamp (via Improbable Research)