3D-printed Letterpress Font


Das Londoner Typostudio A2-Type und die Druckerei New North Press haben den ersten 3D-gedruckten Font in Hochdruck-Lettern ausgegeben und damit ein paar schicke Typo-Poster hergestellt. Nice!

In researching the font's design, Kubel and partner Scott Williams studied décor active wood type, including eighteenth-century examples of shaded, chiseled and chromatic fonts, as well as early attempts at rendering depth and three dimensions, before working on a more contemporary design. […]

The final font was printed using 'polyjet' printing, which is similar to inkjet, but instead uses a liquid photopolymer. The machine drops a layer [of the photopolymer], then the bed drops, then another layer is laid on top, and so on, while a UV light cures it at each stage. "In the film, we've done a time-lapse so it looks really fast, but there's about 400 layers in a 3mm plate, and it was mesmerising to sit there and watch," adds Ardagh. "A bed of eight characters took roughly two hours and 15 minutes to 3D print," he adds.

Creative Review: A2 & New North Press’ 3D-printed letterpress font