How To make Möbius-Loop Bacon


Vor zwei Jahren bloggte ich über 3D-gedruckten, unendlichen Möbius-Bacon, dabei kann man den mit ein bisschen Fleischkleber – heisst eigentlich Transglutaminase und nein, ich wusste auch nicht, dass es sowas gibt – selber machen. Unendlicher, nicht orientierbarer, fleischgeklebter Mathematik-Bacon! It's… perfect.

baconFor generations, crazed dreamers and bold pioneers have searched for a method to turn ordinary bacon into a perfect loop of uninterrupted beauty. A loop with a single, seamless, salty surface. Never ending or beginning. Ever continuing, ever bacon.

For just as long, mathematicians and butchers alike have sworn it couldn't be done. "No," they said. "We won't give you a research grant," they said. "There's no such thing as a Department for Experimental Topo-charcuterie," they said.

Today, with the unveiling of the astonishing Möbius bacon, I intend to prove them all wrong.

Instructables: Möbius Bacon by PenfoldPlant

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