Jay Adams R.I.P.

16.08.2014 Misc #R.I.P.

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Jay Adams

Jay Adams ist heute im Alter von nur 53 an einem Herzinfakt gestorben. Fuck. Adams war Mitglied der Z-Boys und beeinflusste in den Siebzigern maßgeblich das Skateboarding. Später handelte er sich ein paar Drogenprobleme ein und landete auch im Gefängnis, arbeitete aber zuletzt an Drogenpräventionsprojekten mit Jugendlichen. RIP.

His gritty life story was first featured in the 2001 award-winning documentary “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” which Peralta wrote and directed. Peralta also wrote "Lords of Dogtown," the semi-fictional drama based on the exploits of the teenage nonconformists and street toughs who formed the Z-boys in the 1970s in the Dogtown neighborhood of Santa Monica.

Adams’ early life as a skateboard and surfing idol began to deteriorate in the early 1980s. Over the next decades he was in and out of prison on various charges, often drug-related. But friends said that in recent years he had turned his life around.

He once said that early fame caused many of his problems. “That was a big mistake I made,” Adams told the Florida Times-Union in 2005. “I thought I was getting old up until I was 30 years old. But it’s all a state of mind….You get smarter as you go along in age and you get wiser.”

LA Times: Jay Adams, legendary skateboarder portrayed in 'Lords of Dogtown,' dies at 53

Freunde, Weggefährten und Kollegen wie Tony Hawk bekunden nun ihre Trauer: "Goodbye Jay Adams. Thank you for inspiring us to get vertical and to keep pushing the limits of what is possible."

Im Anschluss noch ein relativ junges Video von vor einem Jahr, in dem Adams über seine Jugend in Dogtown erzählt.