Gutenberg Clock reads a Public Domain Library

14.08.2014 Misc Tech #Books #DIY

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Eine „Uhr“, die sich durch alle gemeinfreien Bücher im Projekt Gutenberg in einem 33jährigen Loop liest. I love this!

I created a device that reads books. Day and night, it works its way through the 2010 English Project Gutenberg library paragraph by paragraph displaying each word to anyone who would care to sit and read. In this manner, it will not repeat a book for thirty three years.

But unlike your music library, this device cannot play or pause books at will. Book playback is intrinsically linked to the passage of time, so even when the device is powered off, it continues to read. No matter what you're doing at the moment, this device is reading. You might not see it for a weekend or a few months or a few years but in all of that time as you live and grow it will continue to display unique works of human art every second of every day. Like some kind of celestial event, each book will only appear every thirty three years.

ch00ftech: The Gutenberg Clock (via Hackaday)