Links: John Talbot @ Melt, the lost War Photo, Ant Colony Personalities and Beastie Boys' The Jerry Lewis

10.08.2014 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die vergangene Woche liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit drei Tonnen Podcasts über Metal, Cyborgs und Orwell, einem Lost Track der Beastie Boys, einem schicken Portrait über Jon Burgerman und noch mehr nach dem Klick:



The Beastie Boys' Great Lost Single 'The Jerry Lewis' | Rolling Stone: Jerry Lewis, a hidden tape reel and the hit song that never was.

John Talabot Dj Set @ Melt '14 by John Talabot

La noche de RENDEZVOUS! by RENDEZVOUS! on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

1. Dirty Harry's Creed - Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry OST
2. Star Blossom - James Harpham - Nature's World - Studio G
3. Le Fugitif - Jean-Jacques Perrey - Dynamoog - Crea Sound
4. Gates Of Pop Empire - J.P. Decerf - Panorama - Montparnasse 2000
5. Motel II - Sonny Bono/Don Peake - Chastity - OST
6. Bamboo Child - Ryo Kawasaki - Juice
7. Ostinazione Al Limone - Ennio Morricone - Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? OST
8. La Dino Strazione - Daniele Patucchi - Brani drammatici, violenti e suspence
9. Kimono pop - Gianni Oddi – Style - RCA
10. Jungle Fever - Super Erotica – Super Erotica
11. Sophisticated Shake - Stelvio Cipriani – Femina Ridens OST
12. Dialogue: Coffin Joe from This Night I'll Possess your Corpse
13. Les Lèvres rouges - Francois De Roubaix - Daughters of Darkness OST
14. Shooting for Two - Ennio Morricone - Thieves After Dark OST
15. Sequence 1 - Bruno Nicolai - A Virgin Among the Living Dead OST
16. Pot Au Feu - Delia Derbyshire - [Library]
17. Fascinating Horror - Nico Fidenco - Zombi Holocaust OST
18. unknown sequence - Stelvio Cipriani - Deviation OST
19. Demon Seed Radio spot
20. IRA - J.P Decerf- Montparnasse 2000
21. Blackbird - Foggy Joe Band
22. Apotheose De B. - Benjaman Lew- Film Noir (cassette)
23. Starways - B. Chatton - Music DeWolfe
24. Suor Omicidi seq.4 - Alessandro Alessandroni - Killer Nun
25. Charming Spell - Daniel J.White - Intersong Library

Power and Money

The War Photo No One Would Publish - The Atlantic: When Kenneth Jarecke photographed an Iraqi man burned alive, he thought it would change the way Americans saw the Gulf War. But the media wouldn't run the picture.

Is "Fake News" Really Fake? | Psychology Today: Humor is indeed a bias, but a very useful one. Where there is conflict and contradiction, there's also a pretty good joke. But jokes don't mean the topic isn't serious. They mean that something is wrong, and we need to recognize the farce when we see it.

Vladimir Putin’s Chess-Master Nemesis: Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion, put his head down, hunched his shoulders and walked hurriedly down the carpeted corridor of the Sands Cotai Central, a labyrinthine new complex on reclaimed land in Macau. Downstairs were two of the world’s most lucrative casinos and retailers like Saint Laurent Paris and Fabio Caviglia. There were restaurants, spas and an array of theme-park attractions from DreamWorks, including a daily parade through the lobby with characters from “Shrek,” “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda.” Here on the fourth floor, though, hundreds of boys and girls from across Asia had just wrapped up their matches in a chess tournament. Spilling into the corridor, many of them gaped at Kasparov barreling by, as if Shrek himself had wandered up to the wrong floor. That was why he was rushing, he explained, when I managed to catch up to him as he turned toward a bank of elevators. “If you stop,” he said, “you’ll be there for 30 minutes.” He did not sound angry, just matter of fact. “Everyone circles around. They want pictures.”


This Way Up

Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble. This Oscar Nominated short is directed by Smith & Foulkes and written by Foulkes, Smith, and Christopher O'Reilly, and produced at Nexus by Charlotte Bavasso and Christopher O'Reilly, the film follows two dour unfortunates as they battle a series of misadventures while trying to deliver a coffin to the graveyard.


Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection

Hollywood is forcing theaters to either go digital or go dark. Studios have decided they will no longer send out film prints of new releases after 2014, eliminating the need for a 35mm film projectionist in most theaters. Going Dark profiles two projectionists during their last days on the job.

Movie Curiosities Lurking on BitTorrent Networks | TorrentFreak: Alien “Virtual Workprint” – 1979: From release notes: A fan-edit of the film ALIEN which interpolates all existing deleted scenes and a variety of unseen footage and unused score cues to create a version that runs considerably longer than both the 1979 theatrical release and the 2003 director’s cut.



A New Chip Functions Like a Brain, IBM Says - Inspired by the architecture of the brain, scientists have developed a new kind of computer chip that uses no more power than a hearing aid and may eventually excel at calculations that stump today's supercomputers.

antsAnt colony 'personalities' shaped by environment: Colonies of several hundred ants show consistent differences in the way they behave, just like individual people do. Certain behaviours go together - for example, a colony that explores more widely for food also tends to respond more aggressively to an intruder. Such a colony has a more "risk-taking" personality and this was more common in the north, where the climate is colder. "I'm really interested in why personalities exist," said Sarah Bengston, a PhD student at the University of Arizona who led the research. Her study is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Academic urban legends: Many of the messages presented in respectable scientific publications are, in fact, based on various forms of rumors. Some of these rumors appear so frequently, and in such complex, colorful, and entertaining ways that we can think of them as academic urban legends. The explanation for this phenomenon is usually that authors have lazily, sloppily, or fraudulently employed sources, and peer reviewers and editors have not discovered these weaknesses in the manuscripts during evaluation. To illustrate this phenomenon, I draw upon a remarkable case in which a decimal point error appears to have misled millions into believing that spinach is a good nutritional source of iron. Through this example, I demonstrate how an academic urban legend can be conceived and born, and can continue to grow and reproduce within academia and beyond.


Sick Roses: Disease And The Art Of Medical Illustration | Thought Catalog: As a longtime habitué of medical museums and, less happily, an all-too-frequent visitor to the O.R. (short version: cancer, post-op complications), I know the types: the connoisseur of the Pathological Sublime, because I am one, and the misanthropic doctor who puts the irony in "caregiver," because I've met him in the cancer ward.

Incredible journey: one wolf's migration across Europe | Henry Nicholls | Science | Slavc is a wolf. In 2011, he began an epic 2,000 kilometre migration across Europe from Slovenia to Italy via the Austrian Alps. Several months earlier, he had been fitted with a collar that allowed his movements to be tracked in incredible detail.



Meet the Puzzle Mastermind Who Designs Def Con's Hackable Badges | Threat Level | WIRED: ef Con is one of the world's biggest hacker conventions, an annual gathering of security experts, cryptographers and at least a few people who could surreptitiously drain your bank account if they wanted. They come to Las Vegas to learn about the latest computer vulnerabilities and exploits, show off their skills, and hack or crack anything that can be hacked and cracked–including the conference badges.

Getting started with drones – Everything you need to know about how drones work, how to fly them and modify them.


The Colour of Fun - Jon Burgerman

Credited by many as the leading figure in 'doodle' art culture, Jon Burgerman is a British artist currently residing in Williamsburg, New York. Often using art as a positive cause to reflect and change our perception of the world, Jon's passion and enthusiasm for creating has led to a whole host of collaborations, exhibitions and publications, as well as various animations and even a pop-art band. Desillusion Magazine spent an afternoon in Brooklyn with one of the most unique and exciting artists working today.

Todd Sanders STORYTLD

Todd Sanders is a vintage neon sign artist based out of Austin. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Todd is completely self-taught and a true master of his craft. His handcrafted art is produced without the use of computer aided design preserving the unique American tradition even further. Todd's award winning pieces have appeared in The Museum of Neon Art, films by Robert Rodriguez, Esquire, Texas Monthly, Fast Company, HGTV and Southern Living. Celebrity clientele include Kings of Leon, Shepard Fairey, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top.



Don't Be Afraid Of The Clowns: The red-nosed pros at the 2014 World Clown Association annual convention know you think they're creepy. How does a maligned and misunderstood centuries-old art form survive bad PR and cultural decline?


The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records: The interns can collectively catalog about 500 records per day — a Sisyphean rate, as it happens, because Freitas has been burying them with new acquisitions. Between June and November of last year, more than a dozen 40-foot-long shipping containers arrived, each holding more than 100,000 newly purchased records. Though the warehouse was originally the home of his second business — a company that provides sound and lighting systems for rock concerts and other big events — these days the sound boards and light booms are far outnumbered by the vinyl.

Many of the records come from a team of international scouts Freitas employs to negotiate his deals. They’re scattered across the globe — New York, Mexico City, South Africa, Nigeria, Cairo. The brassy jazz the interns were listening to on the office turntable was from his man in Havana, who so far has shipped him about 100,000 Cuban albums — close to everything ever recorded there, Freitas estimated. He and the interns joke that the island is rising in the Caribbean because of all the weight Freitas has hauled away.

tysonHow I Became Thousands of Nerds' Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo: At some point the post was shared on something called "ASAP Science," which is, I guess, the little brother of the hugely popular science fandom page "I Fucking Love Science." That's where the post ended up next. Both had accompanying text similar to "Look at this idiot." This opened up my joke to a whole new army of nerds ready to loudly and thirstily call me a cunt. The replies increased in number, though luckily most were in meme-form which I've trained my eyes to glaze over by this point.

Pop-Theoretiker Mark Fisher: "Der Sinn für unsere gebrochene Zeit" | ZEIT ONLINE: ZEIT ONLINE: Erleben wir zurzeit vielleicht so etwas wie eine übergangszeit? Fisher: Historische Perioden sind ja erst im Nachhinein wirklich fassbar. Aber ja, ich denke, wir werden uns an die heutige Zeit einmal erinnern wie wir heute an die 1950er Jahre denken, an diese lange trostlose Wüste, in der alle darauf warteten, dass etwas Neues passiert.


robot-superJumboDrones, Robots and Cyborgs
Drones, Robots and Cyborgs - German edition

Das vermessene Ich – Selbstoptimierung 2014: Wie habe ich heute geschlafen? Vorbei die Zeit, da man diese Frage durch das ganz persönliche Müdigkeits- oder Wachheitsgefühl beantwortet wusste. Heute frage ich mein Smartphone, das mich informiert über Tiefschlafphasen und wache Momente in der Nacht. Schritte messen, Herzfrequenz, Kalorienverbrauch, Stresslevel - der Vermessung des Selbst ist dank Self-Tracking, der Selbstoptimierung per App, keine Grenze mehr gesetzt. Und wie glücklich bin ich dabei? Frage ich doch mein Smartphone…

Zombies! Dekonstruktion eines Mythos: Die ersten Hollywood-Zombie-Filme standen in den 1930er-Jahren noch ganz unter dem Eindruck der tendenziösen Berichte aus Haiti und des Schocks der erfolgreichen Sklavenrevolte, bei der die Vodoo-Religion eine nicht unerhebliche Rolle gespielt hatte. Mit wenigen Ausnahmen wurde in der Filmproduktion der rassistisch-propagandistische Aspekt gedankenlos übernommen und mit anderen Horror-Mythen verbunden. Erst George A. Romero schuf 1968 mit seinem rauen Film "The Night of the Living Dead" einen neuen Bezug: Der Zombie als Metapher des Verfalls von Kapitalismus und Demokratie. Seitdem sind Zombie-Filme, -Songs, -Bücher und -Comics aus der Popkultur nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Heavy Metal und Hochkultur: Das Festival in Wacken am vergangenen Wochenende war medial allgegenwärtig: 3Sat übertrug vier Stunden lang live, die Sonntags-FAZ machte damit ihre Titelseite auf und der Spiegel druckte ein großes Interview mit Lemmy Kilmister von "Motörhead". Die Hochglanzkulturmedien zeigen Interesse an der schmutzigen und schlammigen Hardrock-Kultur. Jochen Hörisch meint im Gespräch mit Nordwest-Moderator Tom Grote: "Wacken wird immer mehr wie Bayreuth und Bayreuth wird immer mehr wie Wacken."

NSA - Die Paradoxie der überwachungsdemokratie – übermenschliche Informiertheit als religiös-politische Ideologie: Wie wird die Zukunft der NSA aussehen? Dieser Frage geht der Philosoph Bernhard H. Taureck nach und stellt vier Optionen vor: vom völligen Aus des US-Auslandsgeheimdienstes - bis hin zur Existenz unter einer theokratischen Regierungsform.

SWR2 Wissen: Aula: Wie man Orwell überbietet – Die NSA als Herrschaftsreligion: Es besteht kein Zweifel mehr: Wir alle werden überwacht und abgehört. Der Philosoph Prof. Bernhard Taureck zeigt die gefährliche Ideologie, die hinter der NSA steht.

100 Jahre Hirnforschung (1/3): Interview mit Erin Schuman (Max-Planck-Institut): Die unwahrscheinliche Dynamik unseres Gehirns fasziniert Professor Erin Schuman immer aufs Neue. Die Amerikanerin ist die geschäftsführende Direktorin des Instituts, sie will mit amerikanischem Elan die Hirnforschung entmystifizieren.

Bedrohte Sprachen: Wie das Gedächtnis der Menschheit stirbt: Um die 10.000 Sprachen werden weltweit gesprochen. Das zumindest ergaben die Schätzungen von Linguisten. Genauere Angaben sind kaum möglich, denn es gibt unterschiedliche Definitionen, was eigenständige Sprachen und was Dialekte sind.

Das virtuelle Schlachtfeld: Videospiele, Militär, Rüstung: Computerspiele sind ein wichtiger Teil der heutigen Populärkultur. Vor allem jüngere Menschen verbringen mehr Zeit an der Spielkonsole als zum Beispiel vor dem Fernseher. Wie prägen Computerspiele die politische Bildung und umgekehrt?