Åle the Eel R.I.P.

In Schweden ist der älteste Haus-Aal der Welt gestorben, das Viech wurde stattliche 155 Jahre alt, lebte seit 1859 in einem Brunnen und hörte auf den Namen „Åle the Eel“.

Åle the eel, as he was called, (ål is Swedish for eel) was quite the popular family member. […] In 1859 an 8-year-old Swede by the name of Samuel Nilsson threw the eel into the well. While the act may be reminiscent of children throwing strange objects into toilets in modern times, it was in fact common practice to throw an eel in your well. Many towns didn't have public water systems until the 1960s, and eels ate the flies and other creepy crawlies, keeping the house's water supply clean.

Since its drop into the dark in 1859, the eel has been featured in books and documentaries, and made multiple cameos on Swedish TV. "It's an amazing feeling," Thomas Kjellman said. "Amazing that it lived so long. It lived during two world wars." Åle the eel is survived by its sea-faring partner, alive and well in the well - but the junior eel is "only" believed to be 110.

The Local: World's oldest eel dies in Swedish well (Man beachte die Bildunterschrift dort: „The eel pictured is not the eel in the story. The eel in the story is dead.“)

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