4Chan-Screenshot sold for 90.000 Dollar, Potato Salad has 55k

Ein kunstbetriebkritischer Screenshot von 4Chan wurde auf Ebay für 90k Dollar verkauft. Falls jemand die Auktion verpasst haben sollte, here's your fix: Ein Screenshot der Ebay-Aktion steht erst bei 16 Dollar. Und der Kartoffelsalat wurde gestern auf Kickstarter mit 55k Dollar beendet. Oh the humanity.

Just hours before the end of the potato salad Kickstarter last night, an eBay auction purporting to sell a framed screenshot from the message board 4chan finished with a winning bid of $90,900. The screenshot is, fittingly, of a post questioning the value of art. “Art used to be something to cherish,” the original anonymous 4chan poster wrote on Wednesday. “Now literally anything could be art. This post is art.”

Bidding for “Artwork by Anonymous” started at $500 and, 36 hours later, had surpassed $10,000. A combination of human and automatic bids steadily pushed the price higher and higher on Friday to nearly $100,000.

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