Boko Haram 'killed by Mystical Bees and Snakes possessed by Ghosts'

Neulich haben die Hexen aus Nigeria den Mördern von Boko Haram den Krieg erklärt und anscheinend erzielen sie tatsächlich Erfolge: „Members of terror group Boko Haram have allegedly been arrested in Nigeria after fleeing a forest to escape deadly bites from 'mystical bees' and 'mysterious snakes'. […] the captured insurgents claimed the creatures -- possessed by ghosts -- had killed many Boko Haram members. 'We were told that the aggrieved people who had suffered from our deadly mission -- including the ghosts of some of those we killed -- are the ones turning into the snake and bees,' one militant told Vanguard. 'Our leaders fled, too.'“ (Danke Konrad!)