Hugo Chavez-Font



Das venezueleanische Kunstkollektiv Trinchera Creativa hat zum 60. Geburtstag des 2013 verstorbenen Hugo Chavez einen Font seiner Handschrift veröffentlicht. Hier der Download (TTF im RAR-Archive). Das Mars-Zitat oben stammt aus einer Rede zum World Water Day 2011. Snip von Reuters:

The distinctive 'ChavezPro' font was launched by a group of young "anti-imperialists" to coincide with nationwide commemorations of the 60th anniversary of his birth. Chavez's bold scrawl became famous to Venezuelans as he used to spend hours on national TV writing and drawing on boards and papers to explain policies, develop ideas and sign deals. His signature, in red for socialist, adorns T-shirts, baseball caps and the walls of buildings around the nation. They used letters written by Chavez while he was in jail for a failed 1992 coup attempt to digitalize his handwriting.

"The best present!" enthused one 'Chavista' via Twitter. "The typography of the giant!"

Reuters: Arial, Times New Roman ... and now the 'Hugo Chavez' font