Gmunks DIY-Typo-Titles for OFFF 2014

Großartige Title-Sequenz für von Autofuss und Gmunk für die Design-Konferenz OFFF 2014 Cincinnati voller handgemachter Typo.

For the OFFF 2014 Cincinnati titles, we were seeking to break the norm and focus the sequence entirely on Typography.. In some past sequences, the speaker names seem to be always be an afterthought, stamped on top of a short film just to accommodate the directive of someone's own personal project.. In our title sequence, however, the typography ( and speaker name ) are the focus of the film.. We’ll build all the speaker names 100% practically, utilizing a variety of techniques from 3d printing, lazer-cutting, play on shadows and reflections, using natural elements to influence form and everything in between including classic set-making to construct a series of practical typographic setups…

Gmunk: OFFF Cincinnati 2014