Climate Change Tourism on a Luxus Cruiser thru the melted Arctic


Weil in der Arktis mittlerweile ganze Passagen weggeschmolzen sind, ist der Reiseanbieter Crystal Cruisers jetzt auf die Spitzen-Idee gekommen, sauteuren Katastrophen-Tourismus per Luxusliner anzubieten. Für nur 20.000 Dollar kann man den Eisbären dann beim Absaufen zusehen. Bastards.

Because of climate change and the melting of the Arctic, the cruise line Crystal Cruises plans to send passengers on what it bills as the first luxury ship to “traverse the Northwest Passage.” The ship, Crystal Serenity, will set sail beginning in August 2016 on ”a mystical Pacific-Atlantic sea route far beyond the Arctic Circle that for centuries captured the imaginations of kings, explorers and adventurers.” The cruise will last 32 days and fares start at $20,000. […]

Climate-change tourism is an odd proposition. Crystal’s Northwest Passage cruise promises kayaking and tundra treks, up-close sightings of polar bears, narwhals, musk oxen, and caribou. These are encounters, in other words, with the inhabitants and distinctive elements of the world that climate change—the same thing that’s allowing the cruise to take place—is threatening.

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