Spoek Mathambos Future Sounds of Mzansi

Spoek Mathambo ist südafrikanischer Elektro-Mucker und hatte vor drei Jahren so ziemlich alles erreicht, Nominierung als Best African Act, Preise in Cannes für seine Videos und Streetcred für sein abartig fantastisches Joy Division-Cover von She’s Lost Control. Danach wurde es etwas ruhiger um ihn und jetzt ist er wieder da – mit einer Doku über die südafrikanische Township Tech-Szene namens Future Sounds of Mzansi.

“We party like our lives depend on it,” says Mathambo in the voiceover. “The groove is thick and infectious, and we give ourselves to it.”

Asked about the film's title, he explains: “Mzansi is more than just the Xhosa word for our nation. It's part of South African slang for a lot of people. I wanted a word to describe South Africa that was more localised than the English term. The documentary is essentially about us as South Africans telling our own stories, and using the word Mzansi is an extension of this.”

In terms of debunking stereotypes about South Africa, a good place to start is the assertion, contrary to popular wisdom, that "townships are not so dangerous". That line is delivered in the film by a DJ called Machepies and is echoed by Mathambo. “However dangerous you think townships are, go and experience one for yourself and you will find enough vibrancy, warmth and love to balance the crime, poverty and injustice,” he says.

Guardian: Spoek Mathambo and the future sounds of township tech