Better Call Saul Viral-Billboard

In Alburquerque ist ein Viral für das Breaking Bad-Spinoff Better Call Saul aufgetaucht, ruft man die Nummer an, meldet sich eine Bandansage mit folgender Message: „Hello! You’ve reached the law office of James M McGill esquire, a lawyer you can trust. Kindly leave your information at the tone and Mr McGill will phone you promptly.“

Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass wir zur ComicCon erste Bewegtbilder sehen werden und vor ein paar Wochen gabs auch Details zum Plot, da war allerdings nichts dabei, was man nicht bereits wusste:

- Better Call Saul is set in 2002 — six years before Saul meets Walter White in Breaking Bad. Funny enough, that the events in Breaking Bad starting in 2006 is also new information, Gilligan said, noting that the original show never specified what year it took place. “I hesitate to say it, but it is indeed a period piece,” Gilligan said.

- The show will not copy Breaking Bad’s neo-Western visual style. “Peter came with an idea book of frame grabs from classic movies, like The Conformist, we talked a lot about Kubrick,” Gilligan said. “We’re doing our damndest to make it as different as possible. It’s important that this not look like a carbon copy of Breaking Bad.”

- The reason Better Call Saul was pushed from fall to early 2015: “I am slow as mud as a TV writer,” Gilligan said. “We had a pace on Breaking Bad thanks to AMC that was deliciously stately…we have a way of doing things that’s slower than most TV shows…because we want to think everything through and we think that pays dividends.”