Batman Supervillains-Diagram Part 2

Popchart Labs haben ihren Batman-Supervillain-Print neu aufgelegt: The Myriad Monikers of Gotham's Villains 2.0, hier das Teil in HighRez.

villains2Just in time for the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary, our fearsome taxonomy of Gotham's rogues gallery has returned to strike again! Featuring an all new pulp-inspired design, this 12" x 16" chart is a veritable Who's Who of knaves and ne'er-do-wells, and categorizes by name nearly every one of Batman's colorful combatants--from big-time baddies like the Joker and Mr. Freeze, to lesser-known lawbreakers like the Walrus, Batzarro, and Larry the Judge.

A comprehensive crimefighter’s database second only to the Bat-Computer, this is the definitive guide to the superstitious and cowardly lot who have dared to dance in the pale moonlight with the Caped Crusader.

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