Filesharing does not hurt Box Office

Mal wieder eine Studie zu Piracy und Einspielergebnissen an den Kinokassen. Koleman Strumpf von der Uni Kansas hat die Entwicklung der Umsätze von 150 Filmen in Relation zu Leaks beobachtet und nur geringfügig negative Auswirkungen auf die Zahlen ausmachen können:

“My best guess estimate is that file sharing reduced the first month box office by $200 million over 2003-2009, which is only three tenths of a percent of what movies actually earned. I am unable to reject the hypothesis that there is no impact at all of file-sharing on revenues.” So while there is a small negative effect, this is limited to three tenth of a percent and not statistically significant.

Interestingly, the data also reveals that movie leaks shortly before the premiere have a small positive impact on expected revenues. This suggests that file-sharing may serve as a form of promotion. “One consistent result is that file-sharing arrivals shortly before the theatrical opening have a modest positive effect on box office revenue. One explanation is that such releases create greater awareness of the film. This is also the period of heaviest advertising,” Strumpf notes.