Big Bang Vinyl-Art

12.07.2014 Misc #Art #Vinyl

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Kevin Cooley und Phillip Andrew Lewis haben den Big Bang mit Vinyl nachgespielt. Die haben schwarze und weiße Blank-Vinyls bestellt, den Produktionsprozess als Audioaufnahme festgehalten, die Dinger an eine Wand geschmissen und den Krawall ebenfall aufgenommen, die Überbleibsel wieder zurück zum Presswerk geschippert und aus den Bruchstücken Platten gepresst, die die Aufnahme ihrer eigenen Entstehung enthalten. Das ganze nennt sich noch dazu My God, It’s Full of Stars nach Arthur C. Clarkes 2001. Nice!

The artists commissioned United Record Pressing in Nashville to make five hundred black and five hundred white vinyl records, all without sound grooves. At the factory, Cooley and Lewis oversaw the entire production process from raw material to finished product. The artists then filmed a performance during which volunteers hurled the blank disks against a gray gallery wall. The resulting broken vinyl fragments were returned to United and remade into a second generation record of coexisting black and white vinyl, each a unique blend of the original material. Etched on the new record are the sounds of its own formation and original ruin. At each stage in this process, Cooley and Lewis generated various other works, including photographs, photograms, videos, and sculptures approximating black holes, galaxies, meteorites, and other celestial entities.

Limited to an edition of one hundred, Harmony of the Spheres LP box set includes a unique, 180 gram audiophile phonograph and a signed and numbered liner note. Each box also contains a unique Vinyl Object photogram, created by arranging record fragments on analog photographic paper. The included catalog, Open Cluster, presents a taxonomy of each of these various, elemental shapes, inspired by scientific charts documenting Messier Objects – mysterious comet-like clusters in space.

KEVIN COOLEY and PHILLIP ANDREW LEWIS: My God, It’s Full of Stars (via Hyperallergic)