Science of Open Your Mind thru Magic Mushrooms

Wissenschaftler haben CT-Scans bei Menschen auf Psillos (Magic Mushrooms) durchgeführt und festgestellt, dass Psilocybin dieselben Hirnregionen akiviert, die für Träume zuständig sind und zu mehr neuronalen Verbindungen führt. Leute, die sich auf Trips begeben, sind wortwörtlich neurologisch besser vernetzt. Ich fordere schon seit Jahren mindestens einen LSD-Trip pro Mensch im Leben und this is why.

Bild rechts: „Brain activity under psilocybin with a decrease (blue) in evolutionary advanced brain regions and an increase (orange) in memory and emotion centres.“

In a new study, published in Human Brain Mapping, we scanned the brains of volunteers who had been injected with psilocybin – the chemical found in magic mushrooms which gives a psychedelic experience – and a control group who hadn’t, and discovered two key things: that psilocybin increased the amplitude (or “volume”) of activity in regions of the brain that are reliably activated during dream sleep and form part of the brain’s ancient emotion system; and that psychedelics facilitate a state of “expanded” consciousness – meaning that the breath of associations made by the brain and the ease by which they are visited is enhanced under the drugs.

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Imperial College London: New study discovers biological basis for magic mushroom 'mind expansion' (Image via Shutterstock, via AnimalNY)