Justin Quinnells Awfulogrammes

Justin Quinnell schiesst Ultra-Closeups mit einer Bierdosen-Pinhole-Cam im Weitwinkel in Kurzzeitbelicht dank Flashgun. Die Ergebnisse sind… speziell.

The portraits, all taken through a small pinhole in an empty aluminium beer can, are of people who use the Bear Pit and work in the area. They will be continually replaced with new images as the old ones become 'unloved'!

The ultra close up, wide angle images appear grotesquely distorted, however imaging through a pinhole results in a 'genuine' interpretation of reality rather than the visual distortions within the human eye that we interpret as 'real'. 'Awfulogrammes' may give a similar perspective-view as 'felt' by people with no sight. The unlimited depth of field given by a pinhole, combined with the 160 degree angle of view results in a genuine vision of ourselves we may prefer to avoid.

AWFULOGRAMMES (aka - why I dont get asked to do weddings!) (via Creative Review)