Golden Putin iPhones

Nicht ganz so großartig, wie die 1kg Silver Putin Coins, aber immerhin: In Russland gibt's demnächst 18-Karat iPhones mit Putins Hackfresse für die Kreml-Elite. „It is marketed under the brand name Caviar, but the company that makes the gadget also calls it simply 'Putin phone'“.

The back of the phone is made of 18-carat gold, and below an engraved portrait of President Putin there is also a quote from the Russian anthem. The limited-edition phone is on sale for 147,000 roubles (£2,500; $4,300).

It is made by Perla Penna, an Italian company which is now Russian-owned and headquartered, but still employs Italian designers and jewellers. In a press release, the firm says that the gadget is aimed at "patriotic senior government officials and top executives".

Russia: Golden phones go on sale for Putin supporters