The Worlds greatest Storyteller

T.Berry steht seit 1985 in Harlem herum und erzählt Geschichten. Aber wie! Halb-hysterischer Stakkato-Style in Hobo-Ästhetik, oder sowas. Fotograf Horatio Baltz hat den Mann fotografiert und ein paar Videos gedreht und Featureshoot hat ein Interview:

When you meet Mr. T. Berry, you are unlikely to forget it. Photographer Horatio Baltz encountered the performer and storyteller one night in 2010 while making portraits in New York City. Berry has been a street raconteur since the 1980s, his unique style and presence an integral fixture of the Greenwich Village bar scene. The epic, lewd and strangely profound tales arrested Baltz’s attention and he has been photographing the wandering orator ever since. In a mixture of images and captivating videos, the work attempts to tell the personal story of ‘The World’s Greatest Storyteller’. […]

What relationship, if any, do you see between oral storytelling and photography?
“From what I’ve seen, no – none that do it the way T. does. I’m familiar with and connected to the traditional and old-time music scene here in New York. There are a number of stage performers who do similar things – toasts, vaudeville bits, or folk stories done a cappella. But what makes T. Berry’s street performances so unique and striking are how visceral and ephemeral they feel – they’re shouted from street corners, from within dingy bars, and along dim side streets. His performances feel incredibly temporal – in one moment they’re full of energy and life, and in the next they’ve echoed and faded. He wanders bar-lined streets and culls his audiences from the piqued curiosities of idle smokers and phone gazing couples.”